Why Can Frat Boys Throw Parties and Sorority Sisters Can’t?

Many men and women across the country experience Greek life. They join sororities and fraternities, which will help them in their pursuit of education. One of the essential parts of college life is parties. However, it seems that not everyone is allowed to have one, and for a sorority, organizing a party is forbidden.

Here, we will cover all the reasons why there is a difference between fraternities and sororities as well as how you can organize a party if you are in one.

Is It Really Illegal for a Sorority to Throw Parties?

If you are shocked by the title, you are probably wondering if this is true. Can sororities throw a party, or is it illegal? Well, the answer is both yes and no. There are no laws that prevent sorority parties, which means that it is not illegal. However, there is still one important problem or difference

What a great fraternity president brings to the table

Most people see frat houses as groups of jocks looking to party and act immature during their college years. You can’t blame those people since most pop culture references to Greek Life portray them that way.

However, there’s much more to their organizations and leaders than movies and TV series would have you believe. Our article aims to explore the role of a great fraternity president, and you’re welcome to come along for the ride.

What Is a Fraternity President?

As with any other organization in the world, there must be a leader. In the case of fraternity houses, the guy in charge is the president. His role is to control the structure of chapter management, its officers, and committees. Even more importantly, frat presidents serve as moral compasses to their brothers.

Every fraternity organization has its unique structure. Within this structure, the president relies on his deputies to lead

Tips for choosing the right fraternity

What’s the best way to choose the perfect fraternity for you? Check out our tips for choosing the right fraternity! We’ll help you find your future and make Greek life awesome for you!

Choosing a fraternity can be terrifying, especially if you don’t know how to approach it. Fortunately, you only need to take a couple of steps to find your dream brotherhood. This guide will show you some quick tips for choosing the right fraternity that allows you to make long-lasting connections and sets you up for success in the future!

Striving for the Perfect Greek Life

Aside from endless parties and exciting college life, fraternities also provide a powerful community. After all, frats are not only about beer, sports, and parties. They can allow you to learn, socialize, volunteer, and take meaningful steps towards your future.

What’s more, joining a frat is a rite of passage. However, lots

A Day in the Life of a Frat Boy

What is fraternity life really like, and would you even fit in? Well, I’ll give you an example of a day in the life of a frat boy and my everyday routine, and you can see if you’ve got what it takes to join a frat!

9–10 AM: Gym

I usually hear a mind-shattering noise in my frat house that wakes me up and completely assaults my senses. It’s almost like that every morning, and I can rarely get a quiet night’s sleep. Not that it matters anyway.

Typically, we all wake up hungover as balls. No one knows what the hell they’re doing. Sometimes, I’ll see used condoms or thongs right next to my bed. It takes me a while to remember what I was even up to the night before. Luckily, those condoms are always mine. I can relax and not freak the F out. Then I also

A Guide to Joining a Sorority

College fraternities and sororities are an important part of university life, and it is important to find a group you will enjoy. There are so many benefits to joining a sorority, and you should start planning as early as possible. Here, we will go through some of the burning questions about how they work, what they do, and how to join the one you like.

How Do Sororities Work?

Sororities are just one form of something that’s commonly known as Greek life. Greek letter organizations are national organizations, and they all have a similar idea. These are communities for girls attending a college or university. The main goal of these groups is mutual support, and they are usually located on college campuses.

It is a great step forward for many people who feel lonely and out of place when they start with higher education, and sororities can be quite helpful. …

Pros and Cons of Dating a Fraternity Guy

Although pop culture sees fraternities and college students as party animals, the reality is somewhat different. College campuses aren’t as over the top as teen comedies from the late nineties would have you believe. Sure, your college experience can be lots of fun, but don’t expect it to resemble a movie. The only thing we can agree with Hollywood on is that those will be the best years of your life.

You should expect lots of fun and partying, especially if you get to hang out with members of Greek organizations. Both fraternities and sororities guarantee the best parties on the campus. So, hooking up with someone is a real possibility. In case that happens, you must know what to expect from them and their posse. Therefore, let’s talk a bit about the pros and cons of fraternities and their members.


You Get More Guy Friends

Dating a frat …

How Much Does It Cost to Join a Fraternity or Sorority?

Everyone remembers the day when they get accepted into college. However, what if you find out that you simply can’t afford college life even though your application was accepted? What are the benefits and disadvantages of joining fraternities or sororities, and how much does it cost to join them? Check out our breakdown of Greek life costs!

Going Greek

As you may know, going Greek or joining a sorority/fraternity is a major part of U.S. college traditions. Approximately nine million college students are currently members of fraternities and sororities. Also, around 750,000 are new members who are part of undergrad chapters. When it comes to the total number of chapters, there are over 6,100 communities in around 800 campuses. That’s quite a lot of ping pong balls and red Solo cups!

Still, while some view Greek life as an essential right of passage, joining a frat/sorority is not for everyone.

What are the most famous fraternities in the world?

Before going into details and discussing which fraternities are the best, let’s first form a clear conception about what a fraternity actually is. Fraternities, sororities or Greek Letter Organizations (Collectively referred to as “Greek life”) are basically social organizations at colleges and universities. Generally, these organizations allow single-sex membership. For example, fraternities are only meant for men while sororities are formed by its female counterpart i.e. women. In modern usage, “Greek Letter Organization” has become almost synonymous with the terms “fraternity” and “sorority”. Here, our main focus of discussion will remain exclusively on fraternities. Fraternities are most popular in USA and Philippines with little numbers existing in France, Canada, and a few other countries.

Generally, membership in a fraternity is obtained as an undergraduate student but this brotherhood usually continues for life. Some of the organizations can accept graduate students as well as undergraduate students as per their constitutional provisions. …

How Did Fraternities Start?

If you are a student at a university or college, you will be well-known with the word ‘Fraternity’. Usually, if you follow the meaning of this word in the dictionary, it will tell you that fraternity means a group of people who share a common profession or interest. The members of that fraternity group have common goals in life and also have the same aspirations. All of them learn together and grab the knowledge to ease the growth of the entire fraternity. It is the common experience of the members who are tied by the depth of the same knowledge together.

Usually, fraternities are the part of college and universities, but this word has the ‘Greek’ tradition. In ancient Greek, the society was developed in every segment, like education, culture, music, art, and every sector of society. Since then, the Greeks used to develop the idea of bonding between them …

Women Reveal How They Really Feel About Dating Guys In Fraternities

College life is an amazing time full of firsts. First party, first 8:00 am lecture (you skip), first love, etc. Greek life — also known as sororities and fraternities — is a major player on most campuses (even though not everyone participates). Sorority women and fraternity men are always wearing their letters, raising money, and most notoriously — throwing parties. Your first frat party can introduce you to some great … and not so great … men, who have joined an organization bigger than themselves.

A noble pursuit – until it’s not.

Among the truly amazing things fraternities do, these types of organizations are also known for a slew of sexual assault allegations in the media, and of course, excessive drinking.

But the biggest stigma they have among college women is that of the infamous hook-up.

A “hook-up” is defined here as a casual sexual encounter that leads to minimal …

What Women Have to Fear From Men in Fraternities

With the story hitting the news about Palo Alto University psychologist Carrie Cage’s allegations of sexual assault by then-high school student Shane McGrew, attention is focusing once again on the conditions that breed mistreatment of women in male-dominated organizations. According to the Washington Post story that first documented the details of Dr. Cage’s account, McGrew committed the assault while a high school junior at the elite male-only Georgetown Preparatory School. He and several of his friends were present at the time of the attack, she stated, which occurred at a party in which everyone was drinking beer, but especially the boys. In his senior yearbook entry, McGrew made a number of references to drinking, and claimed that he was a member of the “Beach Week Ralph Club” and “Keg City Club.”

Although not too many people would like to have all the details of their high school escapades revealed …

The Sexual Implications of Greek Life Formals

At bars, buying someone a drink carries a certain implication — at the very least it displays sexual interest, and at the most it can be an expectation of sexual interaction.

But what about paying anywhere between $200 and $400 for transportation, dinner, drinks and a hotel room for one night of dancing in Chicago, Milwaukee or another short-distance location? After interviewing men and women from various UW sororities and fraternities, Indecent Exposure found out the sexual expectations are high when it comes to attending a fraternity formal.

Sororities and fraternities make up only a little more than 10 percent of UW-Madison’s student population — much lower than other Big 10 schools like the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Michigan, each with just under 20 percent. However, there is still a strong shared culture within UW’s Greek community.

There are many differences in the rules between …

The brotherhood formed in fraternities

There are general agreements all fraternities that brotherhood is an important aspect and it is soul that binds members together towards achieving the desired purpose. Etymologically speaking the word fraternity comes from the Latin word “frater” meaning brother. So, fraternity is a brotherhood with common interests, goals or purpose.

The moot question then is what ingredients create a strong brotherhood. Although ways might differ but the core idea of any functional fraternity since its beginning in Greek times is the promotion of bonding amongst brothers. It is a philosophy that binds all to stand together and support each other in achieving the desired goal.

Fraternity is one of the most fundamental and important ideas of modern society and considered as a necessary base to the challenges of rising injustice, inequality and hatred. In other words, without fraternity the idea of equality and liberty could not be ensured. Feminists, however, criticize …

Is dating a frat guy a ‘Yay’ or a ‘Nay’?

Let’s be frank here: pop culture depicts frat guys and their fraternities as party animals. However, the reality is not quite like that. Campuses where these young men roam around aren’t the same as they appear in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s teen comedies.


Yep, they can be fun and exciting. But not all guys are bros who don’t care about anything else other than having unprotected sex while drunk as skunks. They can have charm and hold interest in numerous things aside from booze, drugs, and carnal pleasures.


But none of that means that they don’t know how to party. Indeed, they do, and it’s a real possibility that you can hook up with one of them at such events. So, if you get a chance to be with a frat dude, you should know all about the pros and cons of dating them.

Let’s Talk

What are the benefits of getting a personal sex machine?

We get it. Solo masturbation can get a little boring and tiresome. Sometimes, you want to get off quickly, but something’s in the way. We know what that is — it’s your boring sex toy. It’s time to take things up a notch and treat yourself with a personal sex machine. What will you get from it? Let’s find out.

Safe Sex

The first of many things you won’t have to worry about is whether you’re going to catch something or not. Sure, safety during intercourse with a partner can be achieved too. One of the most common ways to do so is using condoms. However, not even condoms can give you a 100% guarantee that nothing bad will happen.

We’re not only talking about potential unwanted pregnancies. There are so many things you need to be wary of while having sex. Another thing you should be careful

6 steps to take your fraternity from awful to awesome

Any fraternity or sorority can fall apart. This can cause a lot of problems for young college students. It’s something that you don’t often hear about prior to joining a fraternity house. Yet, it can be a serious issue that could impact the lives of many members.

Today, we’ll reveal some of the problems that could arise in a fraternity. We’ll show you how to take the initiative to solve them. Check out six steps to take your fraternity from awful to awesome!

What Makes a Fraternity Awful?

Fraternities are organizations led by humans, and it takes a group effort to maintain them. This can cause problems from the get-go. For example, your brothers could go against the executive board or the national organization and disrespect their decisions. If the chapter board is simply not doing its job, you and your brothers could be dissatisfied. Furthermore, it’s common for chapter

Women reveal how they really feel about dating guys in fraternities

It’s not uncommon to hear all sorts of crazy college stories about Greek life and fraternal organizations that run it. Most of the time, we have this preconception of how they’re all party animals and jocks. However, the pop-culture portrayal of these young men isn’t always as truthful and honest as we’d like it to be. Our article offers a collection of interviews with girls who’ve been or still are with some of these guys.

Right off the Bat — The Fear of It Being Called a Hook-Up

We’ve already mentioned pop culture in the introduction of this article, and there’s a reason why we did. Frat culture is a big thing in the States, so it’s pretty normal to find it appearing in all sorts of entertainment. From pop music videos to full-length feature films, it’s an ongoing inspiration for every generation. However, their portrayal isn’t always as nice

Why frat guys at frat parties get laid like crazy

It’s a common trope in pop culture to depict frat guys as jocks constantly on the prowl for sex, drugs, and booze. Sure, there are reasons behind this stereotype. After all, your college days are some of the best time you’ll ever have. So if you’re looking for answers and reasons why — read the rest of our article.

The Frat Boy Charm

Isn’t it weird how most college-themed movies have beautiful people playing frat and sorority members? You could say that the casting department tends to predominantly search for handsome men and women, but that’s not the point. What we’re getting at here is the fact that fraternity members do have that special charm.

Most of the time, they’re athletes, so you can guess where their physique comes from. But it’s not only about the way they look and the muscles they have. There’s something else to it. These

How Your Greek Life Can Help You With Your Future Career

It’s not uncommon for young people to see fraternities and sororities as groups of lightheaded idiots looking for quick and easy fun. One of the reasons for this thinking are surely mediocre teen comedies from the late ’90s and early ’00s. From movies like American Pie to Van Wilder, Greek letter organizations were portrayed as nihilistic cults full of morons. But is that true, and how do they shape a young person in reality?

Well, sure, they’re full of all kinds of people. Some of them are there simply for wild parties, booze, and drugs. On the other hand, fraternities offer so much more. They’re a social network of young people looking to help each other out in later life.

Not only do they help you form life-long bonds, but they also make sure you learn important lessons when it comes to working as a group. Even if you’re just …