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Gregg Banner, 23

Kappa Alpha Order

Gregg has contributed a lot to the society and he thinks that he owes it to the organization. He was able to reach out to various names who are also from Kappa Alpha Order that allowed him to execute different charitable events. He now volunteers as a content writer to thechampsyo.com where he shares articles that spread awareness on the different charitable campaigns of different fraternity groups.

Geoffrey Braun, 35

Kappa Delta Rho

After graduating from college, he stayed loyal to the brotherhood by being active in their different activities. Being able to accomplish a lot of things for the community with the help of the brotherhood’s connections is the main reason he remained active. The community work is unparalleled and he plans to continue doing it even with the young members of the organization.

Philip Anderson, 45

Delta Phi

Time and time again, several scandals involve fraternities. This is what Philip wants to change. He believes that the impressive work that fraternities have done for the community is unparalleled by other charitable organizations. By writing for thechampsyo.com, he can shed a little light on what’s happening within the organization, including some answers that people have been waiting for.