Women reveal how they really feel about dating guys in fraternities

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It’s not uncommon to hear all sorts of crazy college stories about Greek life and fraternal organizations that run it. Most of the time, we have this preconception of how they’re all party animals and jocks. However, the pop-culture portrayal of these young men isn’t always as truthful and honest as we’d like it to be. Our article offers a collection of interviews with girls who’ve been or still are with some of these guys.

Right off the Bat — The Fear of It Being Called a Hook-Up

We’ve already mentioned pop culture in the introduction of this article, and there’s a reason why we did. Frat culture is a big thing in the States, so it’s pretty normal to find it appearing in all sorts of entertainment. From pop music videos to full-length feature films, it’s an ongoing inspiration for every generation. However, their portrayal isn’t always as nice and socially acceptable, to say the least.

These young adults are mostly seen as superficial, outlandish, and downright crazy for sex, drugs, and alcohol. If you have this notion of them in your mind, you might think that they only look for quickies and hook-ups. Sure, some might, but that doesn’t mean that the majority of them are like that. Hence, all the girls we’ve talked to for this article claim they were somewhat afraid whether their friends would judge their relationships with frat guys.

They say that since most people think of sex when someone mentions a relationship with a guy from a fraternity house, their confidence drops. None of these girls consider themselves easy prey. If you are to believe their experiences with Greek-letter guys, you’d also have to understand they’re not all about cheap sex and one-night stands.

Jennifer, 20

Jenny and her boyfriend Scott have been together for four years. They started dating even before he became a member of his fraternity. She was kind enough to share some interesting info about their relationship and how Scott’s frat boy status affects it.

“Scott and I have been together for four years. It sometimes feels like we’ve been in a relationship forever. But I don’t mean that in a bad way. He’s a great boyfriend, very supportive, and pretty romantic when I need him to be. Simply put — Scott’s the best.”

“Even before he became a member of his frat house, he was very popular. I guess it’s what drew me to him. Although it might seem shallow to some, Scott’s great-looking, and he’s an athlete. So I guess there was never doubt that he’d become a member of a fraternity once the opportunity arose.”

“And once he did, I must say I was surprised how cool it all became. Not only did I meet new friends through his frat membership, but I also witnessed some of the best parties ever. And I mean it. The amount of crazy stuff I’ve seen and the laughs I shared are unparalleled. I must say I’m happy with the way it turned out between us.”

Eliza, 19

Beautiful and smart, Ellie is currently dating Michael, a recent member of a pretty famous Greek organization. The two of them met at a frat party last year, and she can’t hide how happy she’s been ever since. Here’s what she had to say to us.

“I met Michael last year, pre-COVID-19. And if you think I was one of those girls who are dying to find a frat guy as soon as they get to college, you can’t be more wrong. My initial feelings towards fraternities and sororities weren’t as nice as they are now. Sure, some things still bother me, but I’m a lot more into it than I was.”

“Still, he seemed a bit cocky at first. I knew he was into me, so I made him work hard for it. You know, girl power and all that stuff. But to my surprise, he didn’t make a fool of himself and was pretty polite when he understood I wasn’t just another girl waiting for a catcall behind her back.”

“After a couple of drinks, some weed, and lots of obscure subjects, we ended up kissing in his room, and the rest is history. And no, we didn’t have sex. He was pretty respectful, and that’s why I think of him so highly. He turned out to be a real man, nothing like your stereotypical frat brat from the early ’00s.”

Paula, 22

Unlike the previous two girls, Paula has some issues with her boyfriend. Namely, Nick is the president of a frat house at their college. Since he’s in such an important position, their relationship isn’t going as smoothly as she’d like. Here’s the deal.

“Don’t get me wrong — I f-ing love Nick. I mean, he’s awesome, smart, and good-looking — I couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend. But the fact that he’s the main guy at his frat house doesn’t help. He’s constantly knee-deep in work for all sorts of events; we just can’t get a break.”

“But when we do, it’s pretty epic. Like I’ve said, he’s a stud in every sense of the word. We’ve been together for three years now, and sex is still getting better. I didn’t know it could be like this, getting hotter each time.”

“My only regret is that he sometimes doesn’t have enough time for the two of us because of his obligations to his fraternity. But I guess he won’t be the president forever, you know. And once he moves on, there’ll be hell to pay. In a good way, of course.”

Cindy, 18

IF you’re new to the world of fraternities at colleges and universities, you should know that some houses are rivals. As such, they don’t like each other, to put it mildly. Cindy has a cool story about it. Check it out.

“I love John. Yes, we’re just starting, but I feel a great connection with him, and I enjoy every minute of being next to him. I think he feels the same. However, there’s one problem when it comes to us.”

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“So you know, my dad was a frat guy back in the day. And he was here too but in a different frat house. It might seem stupid to some, but I really feel he wouldn’t like me being with John since their houses are bitter rivals.”

“He still likes to talk about all the crazy stuff they did in the early ’90s, so I know he’s pretty big on this idea of being rivals with other frat houses. John thinks it’s funny that he’s with one of his rivals’ daughters. You know, daddy’s little girl and all that.”

Rebecca, 23

We guess you could say that Becca is something of a veteran on campus. She’s certainly been around, if you know what we mean. And, folks, does she have some interesting stuff to tell us.

“Yeah, frat guy parties truly are great and all. I can’t tell you how many times I have had the time of my life there. These boys know how to have fun. And believe me, I mean in all sorts of weird ways.”

“If there’s one thing in common for all of them, it’s that they know how to have good sex. You know, romantic, kinky, downright weird, and so on. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve done with some of these pervs. And no, I’m not going to tell you.”

“I guess it’s because of the great number of girls they score. You know, from quantity comes quality and all that stuff. But I think this made me a bit of an expert in my way. Your jaw would drop if you saw how the freshmen I sleep with react to some of the stuff I come up with.”

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