Pros and Cons of Dating a Fraternity Guy

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Although pop culture sees fraternities and college students as party animals, the reality is somewhat different. College campuses aren’t as over the top as teen comedies from the late nineties would have you believe. Sure, your college experience can be lots of fun, but don’t expect it to resemble a movie. The only thing we can agree with Hollywood on is that those will be the best years of your life.

You should expect lots of fun and partying, especially if you get to hang out with members of Greek organizations. Both fraternities and sororities guarantee the best parties on the campus. So, hooking up with someone is a real possibility. In case that happens, you must know what to expect from them and their posse. Therefore, let’s talk a bit about the pros and cons of fraternities and their members.


You Get More Guy Friends

Dating a frat guy has many benefits, and one of them is a chance to expand your inner circle of friends and add more dudes to it. Even if it’s not uncommon for girl-guy friendships to exist nowadays, it’s not like you’re hanging with a ton of them. It’s the 21-century after all.

Therefore, having a boyfriend who’s a member of a Greek house can serve as a way of enriching your social life. His friends will become yours — if you’re willing to accept them. And since they’re like blood brothers in some ways, accepting their mate’s girl will be surely of no problem.

You Also Get to Be Friends With Their Girlfriends

Another pro of dating a frat boy is that you’ll get to hang out with his friends’ girlfriends. It’s a great way to find new people you can share your interests with. You see, spending your time constantly with guys is great and all, but sometimes you want someone you can talk to about girl stuff.

And we don’t mean males and females can’t have the same ideas, of course. It’s just the fact that you need to have both in your life. So, binge drinking and partying aside, the benefits of Greek life are many. After all, a good frat house will act as a meeting place for all kinds of people with different ideas.

Better Boyfriend

Even if this might sound controversial to some degree, your boyfriend joining a fraternity will mean that both of you will gain a different status on campus. And we don’t mean to seem elitist or bratty by any means, but popularity and fun go together while at college.

Of course, this can all go south if your boyfriend wasn’t great before he joined a Greek organization. But in case the two of you don’t change, you can use his brand-new status to elevate yourself alongside him. Yup, it does sound a bit snobby, but that’s the reality of life you’ll have to accept.


It Can Be Tiring

Like we’ve said, college years are a time in young people’s lives full of partying, experimenting with drugs, juvenile behavior, and many other excessive things. Sure, all that sounds great on paper, but indulging in such activity constantly can take a toll on both your physical and mental state. Moreover, it can become rather tiring.

Keeping up with that, you’ll find yourself struggling to match other’s expectations. This can lead to all sorts of problems, and many of them might be bad for you. So, it’s important to find a perfect balance between real responsibilities and having fun. And if you’re dating a guy who can’t figure this out, maybe it’s time to reconsider your relationship.

You Have to Compete for His Attention

Him spending a lot of time with his bros might become a problem at some point. And you can’t blame him for wanting to spend time with friends while in a fraternity. It’s just what they do. But in case your relationship can’t handle it well, it’s probably time you start thinking about making a change.

And no, we’re not suggesting you break up immediately if that occurs. We’re just saying that the lifestyle of a frat boy’s girlfriend isn’t for everyone. You need to understand that his attention might be slightly off and focused on other things he and his clique are up to. Yup, it could get somewhat juvenile on his part, but we’ll talk about that further along the lines.

They Can Be Immature Sometimes

Fraternity men can be quite immature and irresponsible for everyone’s taste. Their way of life isn’t as excessive as pop culture would have you believe, though. It’s less frantic, but still — it can be too much for you. And no, it has nothing to do with your gender. It’s down to your personality and commitment to social control.

Constant pranks, binge drinking, and drugs are all part of their ordeal. Sure, that can be fun now and then; but hey — it’s juvenile. And in case you comment on their behavior they’ll defend their actions by being a part of a group that has a tradition. It’s fair to say that’s not an excuse by any means.

What Can You Do to Become a Better Girlfriend for a Frat Boy?

Becoming a better partner to someone depends on many things. But since we’re talking about frat boys here, you could do a couple of general things in your favor. Firstly, you’ll need to accept that his obligations to the club are sacred; hence his juvenile and immature actions are to be expected. Therefore, if you’re ready to overlook this sometimes, you’ll easily win him over even more.

On the other hand, it’s not right to give up on him by letting him become a moron. You should try and affect him positively, help him with his studies, and make sure he doesn’t end up lost in the world of college parties and binge drinking. That’s all great, but some things should be put aside when considering your future. Therefore, talk about your intention after you finish your education and be supportive of his creative ideas.

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