Why frat guys at frat parties get laid like crazy

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It’s a common trope in pop culture to depict frat guys as jocks constantly on the prowl for sex, drugs, and booze. Sure, there are reasons behind this stereotype. After all, your college days are some of the best time you’ll ever have. So if you’re looking for answers and reasons why — read the rest of our article.

The Frat Boy Charm

Isn’t it weird how most college-themed movies have beautiful people playing frat and sorority members? You could say that the casting department tends to predominantly search for handsome men and women, but that’s not the point. What we’re getting at here is the fact that fraternity members do have that special charm.

Most of the time, they’re athletes, so you can guess where their physique comes from. But it’s not only about the way they look and the muscles they have. There’s something else to it. These young men have a certain mojo, something that helps them stand out from the rest. When you couple that with physical attributes — you get that perfect mix of wits and looks.

They’re Attractive

Although it might seem weird, some fraternity brothers aren’t exactly your Brad Pitts by a long mile. They’re ordinary-looking. However, the simple fact that they’re members of a Greek letter house makes them more attractive, not only to girls but also to guys who’d immediately trade places with them.

Of course, some are hunks, and there’s no denying that. But you don’t have to be handsome to join a frat house and live the great Greek life. In reality, the whole point is to have self-esteem and confidence for others to notice you. The confident way you walk, interact with others, and deal with little things is your ticket to a fraternity house.

They Throw Amazing Parties

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from teen movies and TV shows, it’s that fraternity parties are simply the best. Of course, the same goes for some sorority parties. The fact that they rent big houses means that there’s room for all sorts of crazy stuff to happen — almost anything you can imagine.

Firstly, there are always girls around, but not just any girls. You get to see the best chicks you can find on campus. Most of them are also from some sorority house, and they’re pretty eager to have fun as well. So if you mix booze, girls, outlandish pranks, and loud music with sex and uppers — you get the essence of a fine college party.

They Dress Nicely

Even if we’re not looking to be shallow here, you simply have to admit that sometimes clothes do make you the man you are — at least in the eye of a stranger. When it comes to frat guys and dressing nicely, they go pretty much hand-in-hand.

They can wear a dorky suit and a plain T-shirt, but they’ll still look fancy as hell. You know — they’re pretty enough to make even the nerdiest of clothes look like something you’d see on a catwalk. However, it’s not all about wearing eccentric stuff that makes you alternative and hip.

Some of these guys care about their looks and tend to look for high-end shirts, pants, and jackets as well. They simply love to play cool. By wearing stylish clothes, they get to do just that. There’s no reason not to look your best if you can afford expensive designer garments.

They’re Humorous

Good looks and fashionable shirts don’t mean a thing if a guy isn’t funny. A man who can make a girl laugh is the one who gets her attention. Sure, some women are as shallow as other guys, but most look for laughs. Being funny is what makes them eventually share the bed.

Yet, you might find that frat jokes tend to be toilet humor at best. But in the context of a drunk frat party, cheesy lines and bad taste are enough. On the other hand, these guys know how to make fun of themselves too. Being able to see your flaws and shortcomings is what makes a person humorous.

So if you’re looking to act like one of them, we suggest you get rid of your high-school ego and allow others to take hits at you. Of course, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t get back at them. We’re just saying that healthy banter between frat brothers will help you capture the attention of girls for sure.

They’re Not All Jerks

Once again — fraternities have a somewhat bad reputation. It’s mostly due to the way we see them in pop culture, and that’s okay to some extent. However, you’d be surprised to learn that some of them aren’t jerks. It’s just that their reputation and crazy antics overshadow their actual personalities.

Still, even if they tend to act like idiots from time to time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance. After all, college students are living their best life, and being over the top at times isn’t a crime. You should give them the benefit of the doubt and allow them to impress you with how intelligent and interesting some of them are.

We can’t guarantee you’ll meet your prince charming, but they do have other qualities aside from good looks and nice clothes. After all, college is the time to experiment with all sorts of things, and hanging out or making out with frat boys is surely one way of doing so.

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