A Day in the Life of a Frat Boy

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What is fraternity life really like, and would you even fit in? Well, I’ll give you an example of a day in the life of a frat boy and my everyday routine, and you can see if you’ve got what it takes to join a frat!

9–10 AM: Gym

I usually hear a mind-shattering noise in my frat house that wakes me up and completely assaults my senses. It’s almost like that every morning, and I can rarely get a quiet night’s sleep. Not that it matters anyway.

Typically, we all wake up hungover as balls. No one knows what the hell they’re doing. Sometimes, I’ll see used condoms or thongs right next to my bed. It takes me a while to remember what I was even up to the night before. Luckily, those condoms are always mine. I can relax and not freak the F out. Then I also remember that some sorority girl is walking around somewhere without any underwear. Sounds good!

After that, my bros and I all have the same purifying ritual. The gym! The most important part of Greek life! We do a bit of cardio, get in some reps, hit the showers, and then we emerge as brand new young men, forgetting any sign of the truly debilitating hangover from last night.

11 AM: Getting Ready for Class

Do you ever get to class on time if you’re a Greek? Don’t even think about it, dude. There are too many other Greeks that can stop you from even trying. Some are already five beers deep and ready to party again.

Me, I try to exercise moderation during the day, but you never know what’s gonna happen. Of course, I never have anything ready for my classes, but at least I’m not as irresponsible as some of my other brothers. So I walk around the halls and stairs and get dirty/naughty looks from chicks, guys, and whoever else. Some buddies hit me up to chat and discuss our evening plans. Drake’s got a buddy who’s throwing a party and wants us to come and hang? Perfect. But not too fast!

If you want to come to class on time, you might want to read this Wikihow article.

2-5 PM: Schoolwork

Still, I try to focus on my schoolwork because it would be such a waste if I failed my classes. It’s a life-saver if your fraternity house has mandatory study hours.

Most people don’t know that Greek life gives you a lot of free time, and classes don’t occupy your entire day. That’s why you need to think of a good way to study productively and avoid distractions. On some days, you can study for up to four hours if your classes only last three to four hours. If you’re efficient, you’ll get time for your social life in the evening.

5:30 PM: Fulfill Fraternity Responsibility for the Day

I’m going to bore you with responsibilities a little more. College life is not all fun and games, and it’s very different from high school. You gotta work to fulfill your frat responsibilities. I’m not a chapter treasurer or chapter president type of guy and would hate to be responsible for bigger tasks. If I had to pick the best, I would always go for the fraternity marshall. You get to initiate new pledges, which is always fun.

However, note that responsibilities rotate. You could be tasked to do all sorts of BS. There are tons of other things you could do, like maintaining confidential information, setting up chapter meetings, or even being an officer. Some other roles include networking, community service, academic duties, and so on.

6 PM: Get Invited to a Party

Finally, after all that, we can get to the good part. At around 6 to 7 PM, I remember that I got an invite to a party via my friend Drake. It’s usually like this all the time, and tons of bros or random people are hosting open parties that we get invited to.

Of course, it’s typically best when we’re on our home turf, and we bring in new people to our own parties. I guess it just depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want to socialize and bond with your fraternity brothers or get together with some adventurous college ladies? If it’s in your house, you always have the advantage with the girls, and they definitely know that.

6:30 PM: Dinner

Okay, so there’s nothing like a good dinner that can get you ready for partying after everything I talked about previously. What’s the best college food that can keep you running during parties?

Well, the trick is to eat healthy and keep your blood sugar levels in check. If you eat beforehand, you’ll increase your tolerance, and you won’t get drunk so quickly. This is also the secret to lasting long if you want to hook up. You have to be prepared to geek out on healthy foods and learn a bit about the best nutrients. Consider fruits, vitamins, eggs, hummus, watermelon, etc. Actually, maybe you can swap the watermelon out for some pineapple if you want your girl to go down on you.

8–9 PM: Get Drunk

We always drink around 8 to 9 PM, just after dinner. You can pre-drink and get hammered like an old Russian farmer, but it’s better to sip your drinks slowly and just chill with your bros. Invest yourself in some quality bonding time. In the end, that’s one of the best aspects of fraternity life. To some, it’s much more important than random chicks, studying, and chores. When we pre-drink, we can also play some games or just listen to music and discuss our game plan.

10 PM and On: Hookup!

Now it’s game time, and you may never know what’s gonna happen! One minute, you could be wiping off the beer that you spilled on your jeans from your red Solo cup, and the next, you’re upstairs, and a hot chick is sucking on your freshly pledged ding dong. But hang on a minute.

First, you need to start chatting to the girl, play some beer pong, flirt a little, and try to transition to kissing quickly. If you’re already chatting, don’t BS and stretch the time out. She knows what you’re there for, and she knows what she wants.

On a regular week, my frat guys and I hook up two or more times with some chicks. If we’re studying, we keep it down to one hookup. The key is to be confident, dress well, and know what you want.

One thing you gotta remember is that you and the girl shouldn’t be too drunk. That can complicate things and put both of you at risk. So don’t accept an invite for a blackout drunk threesome, even if it sounds like a dream come true. You gotta be careful and stay responsible. Trust me, I learned that the hard way.

Hangover the Next Morning

And so the cycle starts again! Mine continues as usual: gym, classes, schoolwork, chores, party planning, dinner, and partying again. And then some more partying! College life is exactly how you imagine it, and things can get pretty wild on a day to day basis. If you eat healthy and have a good workout session in the morning, you’ll get rid of the majority of your hangover.

But even if college life is intense and awesome, don’t push your boundaries. I know from personal experience that drinking or smoking weed too much can mess up my studies. So learn by example, and keep it together!

That’s It!

So what did you think? Can you handle the Greek life? Good luck!

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