A Guide to Joining a Sorority

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College fraternities and sororities are an important part of university life, and it is important to find a group you will enjoy. There are so many benefits to joining a sorority, and you should start planning as early as possible. Here, we will go through some of the burning questions about how they work, what they do, and how to join the one you like.

How Do Sororities Work?

Sororities are just one form of something that’s commonly known as Greek life. Greek letter organizations are national organizations, and they all have a similar idea. These are communities for girls attending a college or university. The main goal of these groups is mutual support, and they are usually located on college campuses.

It is a great step forward for many people who feel lonely and out of place when they start with higher education, and sororities can be quite helpful. It is not rare for someone to leave their friends back home and feel isolated. That’s why sororities are a nice way to socialize with other girls, both during the freshman year and later on.

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There are also sororities for secondary school students or high school, but they are a lot less common than college/university ones. A person that became a part of a sorority will get a place to stay, and they will get a chance to partake in many activities and events organized by the group.

What Do They Do?

Thanks to many movies we’ve seen, most people believe that sorority girls just sit around their house, organize parties, drink themselves to oblivion, and scheme against other groups. People believe that there are a lot of pillow fights and nail painting. However, the answer is more complex, and there are so many aspects of sorority life that are often ignored.

Men dominated college campuses in the 19th century, and girls felt isolated and rejected. Sororities were built as a way for women to find companionship (both intellectual and social).

So the primary idea behind this type of community is support. Girls are there to provide help and comfort to each other, and yes, sometimes it means partying. But these “Greek” organizations do a lot of hard work as well.

They frequently organize charitable drives, events, causes, and they collaborate with other different organizations and sororities to help achieve their goals. Being a part of a sorority sisterhood often involves a lot of responsibility and commitment.

Finally, the part movies mostly get right is that there is a strong allegiance to the group’s identity.

What Is the Process That You Have to Go Through to Join One?

If you are looking for a way to enrich your college life, there are a couple of things you can do to complete the recruitment process. Naturally, there won’t be any ritual ceremonies, nor will you have to pledge your allegiance to a random sorority. So let’s take a look at some of the things you can do, and how the entire process works.

Start With Research

Recruitment is a term used to describe the process of getting new members for the sorority. Many sororities start their recruitment as early as high school, so you should first find out when the process begins. There might be a couple of important dates you don’t want to miss. There are also a few mandatory events that you will need to attend, so be sure to know as many details as possible.

But even before registering for recruitment, you will need to have all the facts. This includes which groups have a branch at your school, what they offer, and what sorority recruitments you need to know. You can always check their websites to learn more about their goals, ideas, priorities, and everything else.

Lastly, you can always reach out to one of the members and hear what they have to say about their group. It is also a nice way to expand your social circle in the process.

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Sign up for Recruitment

Once you have found the sorority that you like, you can sign up. Now, the process of recruitment can vary from school to school. We also recommend you start as early as possible to avoid missing important dates. It can be challenging to follow the whole process while trying to keep up with your own classes, so start early to avoid any problems.

Registration often requires a small fee, so be prepared for that as well.

While signing up, you should provide as much info as possible. This includes your high-school, activities you partake in, any type of rewards, roles, or achievements that can help you land a spot in the sorority you like.

Sororities hold academic achievements in high regard, and it is not rare to find groups that require a specific grade point from potential members.


During the recruitment process, there will be a lot of events you’ll need to attend. It is a nice way to get to know more about the group and its members. Naturally, both you and your sorority sisters will try to understand more about each other during the process.

You will get a nice idea of what the sorority is all about, and they will see why you are a perfect person to become the newest member. So remember that these events are similar to job interviews, and it is in your best interest to make a good impression.

Accepting a Bid

Once the event phase is over, you will create a list of sororities that seem exciting and interesting to you. It is also important to prioritize the order of groups. But at the same time, sororities will start their own process of “bidding” to many girls that visited their events. These bids are, in fact, invitations to their sorority.

So when the bid day arrives, all you need to do is see the ones you received and compare them to your list. Hopefully, the first sorority on your list has already sent you an invite, and you can join them and start your college life.

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