Do fraternity rituals include having sex with other members?

The season of admission to various colleges is starting and if you are one of those people who are looking to get into a college, then your head must be filled with a bucket of questions like what subject should you major in, which college to take admission in, how to cope up with new roommates and loads of books to study. There is one question that must have passed through your mind whenever you have thought about going to college and that question is should you join a fraternity. There are a lot of rituals that fraternity members are made to go through with or without their consent. Some people say that this even includes having sex with other members. Is it true? Before answering it, we will tell you about some other things that are done by fraternities.

1. Promotes alcoholism

Getting drunk so much that you black …

The brotherhood formed in fraternities

There are general agreements all fraternities that brotherhood is an important aspect and it is soul that binds members together towards achieving the desired purpose. Etymologically speaking the word fraternity comes from the Latin word “frater” meaning brother. So, fraternity is a brotherhood with common interests, goals or purpose.

The moot question then is what ingredients create a strong brotherhood. Although ways might differ but the core idea of any functional fraternity since its beginning in Greek times is the promotion of bonding amongst brothers. It is a philosophy that binds all to stand together and support each other in achieving the desired goal.

Fraternity is one of the most fundamental and important ideas of modern society and considered as a necessary base to the challenges of rising injustice, inequality and hatred. In other words, without fraternity the idea of equality and liberty could not be ensured. Feminists, however, criticize …