What happens after Fratmen graduate from college?

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In a fraternity, the brotherhood is an important characteristic and it is a soul that binds members together towards a common goal of the well-being of all achieved through a mutual support system. The word fraternity comes from the Latin word “greater meaning brother. So, fraternity is a group of people coming together joined with the idea of a common good, common goal and common purpose.

Depending on the goal of the fraternity the ways might differ, but the core idea of any functional fraternity since its beginning in Greek times is the promotion of bonding amongst brothers. The idea is to build a bond of trust so that every brother should stand in solidarity with a fellow brother in time of need. The feminist parallel of fraternity is a sorority, resolving the gender debate around the word brotherhood.

Fraternity is all about social solidarity. In the context of school or college life, the social is limited to campus, but the element of solidarity is universal. As a young social anima, you might have thousand of contemporary differences, but with public empathy, you could similarities more than divides that exist in our mental frame induced by prejudices we learn from society. The brotherhood helps you understand the importance of how the “other” feel and you start to respect that feeling.

Why Fraternity

You urge to join any of the fraternity in your campus may be driven by hearsay of benefits you get from the brotherhood. Sounds practically like a good idea, especially when you are told that what is the loss if there isn’t any benefit? In that scenario, it is better not to join if you don’t want to dedicate your time and little energy towards the larger goal of brotherhood. You have to understand that brotherhood is there to build a support system based on togetherness, care, love, and solidarity. You will enjoy the benefits definitely but you have to make sure that your presence will be also benefiting someone else. Let see what kind of benefit you will have with brotherhood;

Part of a Community

Day one in college and you are wondering where to find like-minded friends. Of course, nobody is moving on campus with trait lists printed on a T-shirt. So, where to start? Here, fraternity could be of great help in finding friends with whom you could interact and enjoy campus life. This gives you the desired start and you can carry the process forward of brotherhood.

Social Skills

No one is beyond social. The grouping might vary, but you are social in some other context. Fraternity gives you the much-desired possibility of group formation according to your personality, taste, and need. In just a few months you will know that your personality trait has a larger presence and you are known. It is advisable to be interactive with people from other field and experiences; this makes you curious, exploratory and interactive.

The common factors might be fascinating, but the zeal to learn about another maker, you a true ambassador of brotherhood. This socialization helps you build solidarity, the skill that will help you for the lifetime.

Community Service

You may not like it, but neo-gen is least bothered about the “other”. The fraternity helps you to look beyond self and come forward to help others in one form or the other. Your participation in community engagements makes you an open person who could face not just internal but external challenges even if those are not directly linked with you. You start learning the art of care and love and in the process, the hatred evaporates and unity evolves.


The brotherhood helps you not just in college but also beyond. The peer support helps you in several ways. You will start to realize how important it is to get the first introduction by just mentioning the fraternity. It is not just a career, but whatever you are interested in. Your fraternity connects will help you build the communication and you can take it forward from there. Within the network, you have access to vast intellectual resources that may help you find the path.

Academic Support

The seniors in your fraternity will assist you in academic works all you have to do is open about it. You may get opportunity working with seniors in some projects of importance. You can seek tutorial help from peers or career guidance. If you are a science major, the fraternity could be of great help in understanding the advanced aspects.

Social Events

Academic is not just about study and learning. Most of the fraternity gives you the opportunity mingle socially in a lighter environment like a party, sports, etc. so that you could explore your potential in several ways. If you are a senior, you might get an opportunity to organize parties and learn art. This might be of great help in career building if you want to explore the field of event management.

Leadership Training

Brotherhood offers you all possible opportunities to learn the basic traits of leadership. Whether in the organizational role or in managing any particular event, you learn the art of leadership in both aggressive and subtle manner. The personality you build around the philosophy helps you to be a great leader with requisite professional skills. The oratory and communication skills get a great boost in brotherhood set as you consistently debate on topics that might have a long-term impact. Name any leadership skill; you will get the basics of that in a fraternity. It is up to you how you want to train yourself for the larger goal of life.


You will be known for long for your contribution towards the tradition and culture you follow. The fraternity gives you the platform where you can start contributing and be a part of the annals of history. You will join the league of master and be a role model for millions.

Point to Care While Joining Fraternity

Frankly speaking, there is no disadvantage attached with fraternity it is you and your managing skill that matters. But, being new on the campus it is good to be informed so that you could choose accordingly. Based on feedback and experiences shared here are some of the points you need to be careful about.


Ego is a burden and being new the burden of proof is always on your soldier. Whatever you might have gathered about the fraternity, there might be some challenges you could face from peers as they, if not all, love to stereotype you in one way or the way. Take it as learning and prepare accordingly to handle the situation. Although, it is not in control to do much, being aware of the likelihood helps you to remain careful in handling your brothers.

Faculty Stereotyping

We all are not same. Isn’t it a fact? Your fraternity linkage might not be liked by your most learned professors as s/he may belong to some other set of ideas. Some professors are of the strong view that fraternity isn’t of much help and sees people involved in it as non-serious in academics. Once again, it may vary for individual to individual to you have to keep this point in mind while sharing your fraternity experience with faculty members. So, smartness is the key here. You are in college to study so justify that and maintain the trust of your faculty.

Time Commitment

This is the biggest challenge at your end as fraternity’s commitment sometimes are so engaging in nature hat you simply cannot ignore it. What if, you have to burn one of your class to organize relief measure for victims of natural hazard. Tough choice, but almost everyone from brotherhood will volunteer for the cause. So, be judicious and learn the art of time management and prioritization of work. In such a scenario, you brotherhood could be of great help in terms of giving you academic support in time of need.


It is good to know in advance about fraternity joining fees, dues, and other expenses even if your fraternity involvement is covered under your scholarship. If finances are tight, it is advisable to plan in advance.

Personality Conflicts

Fraternity is all about brotherhood. Sounds philosophical, but in reality core, human traits come into play and you feel the urge to say goodbye. But, this is what you learn when in the group how to handle such situations of group conflict and how to mobilize resources to satiate all.

One of the most important elements of fraternity is openness and transparency in sharing views freely. If there is any sense of barrier in expression, this might weaken the brotherhood. This kills the spirit of support seeking and weakens the idea of solidarity and care.

As a part of a fraternity, you can be of great help in maintaining and nourishing the environment of mutual trust, love, and support. When you are welcoming the new brother, it is your responsibility to make one feel unlock so that one could articulate unreservedly and be a lively brother in the support system. Your brotherhood will make the difference in the lives of millions if you focus on inclusion and ignore divisive exclusion.



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