How to Fraternities do Initiation?

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As we all know about various community, groups and many bunches of people who want to live their life as the way they want, we humans seem social animals. We love to live in a society, we remain connected with the people around us. It gives us a feeling of belongingness.  When we talk about learning, we are trying to learn more and more. Today, let us explore the different fraternity of people and their initiation process. Fraternity is a Latin word which means the feeling of brotherhood, kinship or we can say a bunch of people who share a common interest or goals. Fraternity is primarily brotherhood for men, but nowadays it is used for both men and women.

There exist some basic methods to join various fraternities in the world and that is called initiation.

What is Fraternity?

This word seems strange but has the opposite meaning of strange, it is a means of being familiar with a group of people who may belong to a particular place and of the same motto. The fraternity provides closeness between internal members of a group. It is a social activity for learning purpose outside the classroom. It is a group of people who look for a similar goal and aspiration. Fraternity holds a community of people for their learning of various practical skills by commuting with others. Many colleges in the world practice this greek process for their academic attainment purpose. This is a social practice usually enacted in various colleges and institution in the US and Europe.

Origin of fraternity

It was founded by Greek Organisation in 1776 having the motive to commute with people outside the classroom so that they can discuss current events. Greek societies played an integral role to develop moral leadership and social skills in students at college as well as school level. They are called Greek organizations because the name of fraternities consists greek letter such as alpha (α), gamma (¥), omega (Ω), sigma (Σ) as a tribute to Greeks for their major contribution towards society. Every individual fraternity consists of a set of rules to be followed by their members, there are fraternal codes to guide the members.


The fraternity at different colleges are obtained as an undergraduate student but lasts for life. It is that string of everlasting relationship formed as brotherhood or sisterhood. A source of learning that can be experienced by students in their own life by commuting by others. Some of the organizations lend hands to graduate students also as per their provision. It contains various complex identifiers such as armorial achievements grips, badges, cypher, hand signs, passwords, flowers, and colours.

The fraternity at different colleges often have groups and their names are based on the combination of two or three Greek letters, for example, ΑΦ (Alpha Phi) or αΩ(Alpha omega). A Chapter signifies the group of a particular school. It is used to differentiate groups of different school and generally resides beside the school or college to provide accommodation to its members.

To become a part of any chapter, one should go through an initiation procedure which includes the invitation for the people who want to join. Each chapter has a few criteria to be fulfilled by the interested member to join. Fraternity is a source of learning, provides leadership skill, exchange of knowledge and builds a better world.

Initiation Process

Initiation is a procedure of teaching the gravity of practicing the Greek Letters, rituals, fraternity codes, motto, creed, preamble, and visions. It has its own significance for a chapter. The initiation process is a  procession for letting the new members interact and gain knowledge of values.

Some initiation process is done to inspire new part, reaffirm their dedication towards the fraternity and to practice, to learn, to gain the real excellence of life. This process involves all the colour of the organization so that the new members adapt to the ambiance of the same.

According to Greek Mythology, the initiation process is a sacred and holy ceremony, where the old members’ chants, repeat the chapter creed to add a new member in their organization. People pray to god and goddess of wisdom to become wise rather than being smart. The hidden rituals where the presence of old member is necessary for joining of a new member and many things that are completely unknown to the outsiders create a stiff attitude for the members. It seems tough to facilitate an actual chorus or underground practice from a sorority or fraternity because it becomes a secret.

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The initiation involves learning the secret handshakes, secret codes, secret whistles, secret mottos secret knocks, secret phrases, and secret stories. The traditions of the organization will let you know about their rituals to be exercised. Many pure and pristine chapters will challenge you and try to bring positive changes without harming you. It is necessary to prove yourself worthy for the chapter, they will test you by different tasks provides roles to perform. Every meaningful initiation has some challenges to face, it is a religious confirmation of being a part of a fraternity.

Core values of the initiation process:

Fraternities may have different initiation process, but certain things remain the same. There are some core values that are shared in all the fraternities around the world. Some of them are:


The initiation process must be kept secret and this is one of the most important elements. It brings the brother within the community closer in all the aspects be it spiritually, professionally, and socially. This also strikes a sense of exclusiveness. Disclosing of the trust in the common public will also put the exclusiveness of the secrecy on stake.


Respect is another very important elements that remain as the core value amongst the members of fraternities all around the world. Every member should respect their older brothers.  Also, the older ones should help and guide the younger brother in order to achieve the same success and respect. They should help in making the younger brother well-informed.


Trust acts as the base of every fraternity organization and no matter what it can’t be compromised. To become a member of a fraternity, one must devote himself. He should trust his fellow brothers. The initiation process in each fraternity focusses on the issue of trust. There may be different methods of checking that to which extent, trust matters to you and you will also learn about the same.

Pledging a fraternity

Pledging is a process of multiple stages of particular duration that may vary in different fraternities. In some fraternities, it involves being familiar with the ambiance of organization, learning about the origin, founder members and the Greek system as a whole. The process of pledging is comparatively longer in black and a few other fraternities. Stepping is considered to be a prestigious dance that consists of clapping, chanting, and stomping. This tradition is basically being borrowed from the history of the white fraternities of singing in Glee club-style competitions.

Every fraternity has a distinct style of stepping. Probate is known as the first stepping of a new member. Pledging is an exercise of building loyalty and trust. If a new member feels that his pledge education is completed to their satisfaction, they can be initiated into the brotherhood.

Most fraternities and sororities are secret societies, consists of private rituals but rarely conceals the identity of its members. After an initiation ritual, the organization’s secret vision, secret identification signs, secret purposes,  such as handshakes or passwords, are usually shared with its new members to keep it peculiar and holy. Some fraternities develop various secretive language or symbols to denote the identification of members.

All the rituals, hazings, chanting, idolatrous devotion, secrecy, oaths, etc. are performed to initiate a new member.

Motive of fraternity

  • inculcates the sense of belongingness
  • gives the power of excellence
  • tests dedication, aspiration, and commitment
  • sharing of efforts and knowledge
  • encourages communication
  • helps in commuting with people
  • engages people in philanthropic activities
  • provides opportunities for networking and interaction
  • life long relationships
  • provides aspiration
  • develops community
  • to become the source of learning
  • enhances the academic performance
  • professional advancement
  • personal fulfillment
  • opens up the future prospects

Fraternity is a social practice to make the world a better place. Most Greek letter organization focuses on commuting more with people by hosting watch parties, official meetings, and some social events.

It provides a chance to become a leader, embody the moral values and ideals of fraternity. There are different types of fraternities such as service, ethical, academic and professional fraternities. Fraternity connections are beneficial to the business world. It allows the person to remain connected with the whole bunch of members in the chapter. The commitment between members of an organization lasts for the whole life. Joining a Greek organization can make your life friendlier and easier in college.

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