Why Men Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of Using Realistic Dildos on Their Partners

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It’s easy to say that most of us agree that sex is awesome. It’s healthy, it releases “happy hormones,” and most importantly — it’s fun. But is it that great compared to porn on your computer screen? Moreover, is sex as flashy and as elegant as they present it in romantic Hollywood movies?

Well, it’s actually quite different from what we perceive when watching professional actors perform for us. All those moans of pleasure and screams while reaching orgasm are mostly fake. It’s either that or the guy fucking the girl is a lovemaking demigod with a 12-inch king cock between his legs. All in all, the reality is quite different.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, bad sex can get to you. Men mostly have doubts about their size, their stamina in bed, or premature ejaculation. Those are all problems that need addressing. But what about the female side of the story?

Girls can have problematic intercourse too. Women can’t quite always reach a climax. Sometimes it’s due to them and their bodies, while most of the time, it’s because their partner just isn’t that good. And there’s no shame in saying this — guys can’t always deliver the goods.

So, this is the part where sex toys come into play. Yes, big dildos, easy to clean, and ready to plow!

Realistic Dildos Could Help Address the Problem

Like we’ve said, not all girls can reach orgasms with their loving partners. This problem can further manifest in their relationship in many ways, and most of them end up badly. It’s rather sad how many couples end up losing each other over bad and ineffective sex. It seems like we can’t stop hearing about it almost every day.

Fortunately, it’s not all that bad. There are ways to overcome this painful problem using a couple of inches of your long silicone dildo. These high quality and body-safe adult toys can replace the useless partner’s penis and make the girl scream her lungs out over how good sex can actually be.

Of course, it’s not like the male won’t be needed anymore. They’re still there, participating and getting off while doing so. The whole point is to use these huge realistic dildos like it’s their piece of equipment. Satisfying their lover while using a sex toy can even prove to be a major turn-on for them.

It’s not a one-sided story at all. Even if it seems degrading for the guy that he is not using his penis, it’s not like that. The dildo is just a helping hand to show the bloke how it’s done.

The Use of Sex Toys Is Normal and Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

One of the most frequent topics people talk about once sex toys get involved in the story is the shame and how to get over it. It doesn’t matter if we’re here explaining the most realistic dildo you could find or talking about super soft butt plugs for anal play — most people get red cheeks.

And yes, we get it. Sex toys are still taboo to the majority. Even if a ton of people are using vibrating dildos and fleshlights, they still don’t want to talk about it. But luckily, the times they are a-changing.

As the years go by, more and more people are starting to accept the adult toy industry as something normal and socially acceptable. The useful nature and positive effect of sex toys on both solo players and couples is certainly the main reason for their escaping the shadows of obscure porn and adult websites.

After all, the first vibrator came about as a medical tool, made to help women solve vaginal problems. So, there’s really no reason to feel ashamed for owning and using a dildo to help your relationship. These amazing lovers are only here to help.

Have an Open Communication With Your Partner

As with all things revolving around your relationship, having a quality and healthy communication with your partner is key to success — all great couples rely on communication to overcome any possible problem. Hence, being open to your partner about any question you might have is essential.

It doesn’t matter if we’re here talking suction cup dildos and intercourse or something completely different — talking is critical. If you’re having trouble with your sex life, we recommend you talk first. There’s no shame in pointing out something is wrong; it can only benefit the two of you. It’s just that simple.

Holding on to bad feelings and hiding the truth will only come around to haunt your relationship. You can’t hide if something doesn’t feel right, so it’s better to deal with it all pre-emptively. It’s more of a story of being proactive and preventing further trouble that can cause a break-up further along the line.

Even if we suspect one can’t imagine what a realistic dildo looks like, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and describe the damn thing. After all, it’s only fair we be frank with you here. 

The dildo game is filled with all kinds of products — some great, some rather awful. So to help prevent any misunderstandings one might have, let’s take a look at what these critters actually are.

These bestial adult toys are products designed and shaped like the real deal — they look like actual penises, with a clearly visible head and strong veins all over them. Some come with a set of testicles around the bottom, while the more cheap realistic dildos lack in that department. Most of them are harness compatible, which more advanced users opt for. For a better picture, view this collection from Lovegasm.

They come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t expect a perfectly designed slick stick like some fancy vibrators. They’re not perfect looking, but that’s the point. Realistic dildos look like actual dicks, and the beauty of natural things is their imperfection.

So, using these toys will only help with the immersion of having a real beast between your legs, ready to plow, and please both of you.

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