Top 5 Realistic Dildos to Pump Up Your Intimate Moments

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Realistic dildos are meant to make your intimate moments even more enriching. They are strategically created to represent a real human penis, with the typical veiny ripples and soft squishy body. These raised veins enhance the pleasure quotient with every push and pull of the toy inside your body while the balls are a great help for clit stimulation. They can also help to support a handle or strap-on harness.

The most common materials used here are UR3 and Cyberskin as they almost feel and look like human skin. When you craving for that classic feel of human skin inside, these realistic dildos are all that you will want. You won’t find realistic dildos with glass and metal given their rigid structure. Realistic dildo toys can also be made from jelly or silicone. These toys are layered with a special double-density design which sports a tender outer layer on a rigid inner core for the perfect feel of real human penis.

It’s to note here, some premier dildo manufacturers actually hire sculptors for creating realistic dildos which are anatomically accurate and boast a natural feel. Some of them even deck up the toys with hand-painted details like veins going up & down the body of the shaft. Interestingly, some realistic dildo makers use the penis molds of famous porn stars to design realistic dildos.

Getting a realistic dildo

Are you too planning to get a realistic dildo to pump up passionate sessions? Well, there is no dearth of realistic dildos today but then not all of them would be equally compatible to you. Some could be too large for you while some may not promise body-safe materials. One has to keep in mind certain considerations before getting a realistic dildo. You have to study a number of realistic dildos, their features, advantages and cons- before you make the final investment.

Let’s have a look at some of the best realistic dildos you may try out-

King Cock 8.5” Ultra Realistic Dildo with Suction Cup

With that massive 8.5” size, this dildo speaks of extraordinary stimulation right from the first glance. It’s meticulously designed with sexy ripples to represent the veins and nerves just as you see in a real penis. The suction-cup base assures a hands-free dildo play which also allows you to try anal sex even when you are flying solo. Besides, the dildo is compatible with harness which makes it a great toy for lesbian couples planning to try out penetrative sex.

BASICS Extra 7” Realistic Dildo

You will duly appreciate this 7” thick wonder which speaks of promise from its very looks. To create a perfect realistic appeal, the toy sports prominent veiny textures just like a human penis. It’s not just the shaft which runs the textures here but you will find that realistic feel in its ball sack as well. The coolest bit about the dildo is its flexible yet firm build which allows you to bend the toy as per your command- without compromising on the solid fullness down under.

And yes, you have a pretty affordable option here. If you are looking for a premium realistic dildo without getting overboard with your budget, look no further.

Lifelike Lover 6” Realistic Dildo

If you have never tried out a dildo before, the options mention above would be too overwhelming for you. But don’t worry, we have got something great for the beginners as well. And this Lifelike Lover option would be a great toy for the first-timers. The dildo sports a 6” height which is pretty comfortable for a beginner. You will especially like its bendable shaft that duly gives the impression of a flexible human penis. Then, it also features a veiny body to create a real-world feel. Besides, the dildo makers here have even added balls to the base of the toy for a realistic external stimulation.

Another great bit about the dildo is surely its suction cup. The cup allows easy hands-free penetration for both vaginal and anal regions. In fact, thanks to the suction cup, you can even try out anal sex with the dildo all by yourself without the discomfort of winding your hands backward.

In regards to price, the dildo will be well within your budget. For more budget-friendly dildos, go to Lovegasm.

Andrew SkinTech 9” Realistic Dildo

If you are looking for something really huge, this Andrew SkinTech dildo will surely top your list hands-down. With its incredible 9” length, this dildo is not exactly for the faint-hearted. Put simply, this is the dildo you should try only when you have gained a solid experience with large dildos.

The great part is this dildo is crafted from body-safe materials to ensure a seamless use with no risk of side effects. It’s a skin-like material and hence extremely realistic. You will also appreciate the veiny details on the body of the shaft. Despite so many amazing features, the dildo does not command a sky-high price. In fact, it comes with a pretty reasonable price and would be a fantastic investment for large dildo players.

Blush 8” Au Natural Realistic Dildo

You have another large dildo here which assures to sweep you to the cloud 9 of ecstasy with his magnificent realistic look, touch and feel. It features a flexi shaft which you can bend as per your preferences just like a real penis. But the most important feature of the dildo is its unique sensi-feel technology that works to create the most realistic vibe possible.

Besides, despite the amazing flexibility, the dildo shaft is pretty firm so that there is no compromise with the fullness inside. Mention must also be made of the skin-like material of the dildo that perfectly creates the realistic feel of a human penis.

Another great aspect of the dildo is surely its compatibility with suction cups that allows smooth hands-free penetration for hours. The toy is also a breeze to maintain and assures a decent price-point.

So, which one are you going to pick this time?

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