Why do people join Fraternities?

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There are many people who want to join a fraternity. Most of the people are more concerned about how they can join the fraternity instead of why they should join a fraternity. Before you are a part of any group or fraternity, it is very important to have all the information related to it. Moreover, after joining the fraternity, you would also want other people who belong from your community to join the fraternity as well.

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So here are some reasons that will make you understand why joining of fraternity is important and how it can benefit you.

Reasons for joining a fraternity

  1. Acceptance: Most of the people will have a tendency of joining the fraternity whenever they are looking for any type of acceptance. There are many people who are new to a certain place and they have stepped into a new world where they are not in the comfort zone and have left everything behind. This is the time when they will look for a place where they can easily fit in and by joining the fraternity they will get this opportunity. Acceptance is the primary reason for joining a fraternity and it will make every person feel like they are an integral part of the fraternity group. In most of the fraternity, the first thing will be to remember the names of all the persons and what are their likes and dislikes.
  2. Excelling scholastically: All the fraternities will have the tendency of holding the members into the highest standards. They will always ensure that you are not getting removed from any chapter or failing to meet the requirements of the fraternity.
  3. True values: One will learn a lot of true values whenever they are joining any fraternity of various chapters. It will not only improve your life but will offer you more opportunities. It is going to change the way you are representing yourself.
  4. Resume Builder: Most of the people think that fraternity will help them in the process of a resume builder. You can also share with people how you have excelled in the fraternity group by motivating people with your experiences. It is the place where people will learn about all the things from people who have already experienced that.
  5. Brotherhood:Whenever you will join any fraternity you will develop the sense of brotherhood or comradery. After joining the fraternity you will feel that all the people that belong to that particular group is your family for your entire life. When you are studying at the university you will feel that the members of the fraternity are no less than your family. Fraternity is all about supporting each other, looking out for one another, knowing one another and having fun with one another. It is quite understandable that it is not possible to like every person of the fraternity but you will definitely share some common choices with most of the people. Having mutual respect is very important inside any fraternity. The best part of fraternity is you will have friends with whom you can share all your experiences and explore life which is considered as a true gift of living.
  6. Sense of Identity: Fraternity is going to provide you with a sense of identity. There are several fraternities that consist of people who work towards their betterment and will also help the people in achieving their life goals. Make sure you are researching the fraternity properly before joining into it. There is a distinct persona that is attached to every fraternity and which is why they will vary when it comes to the chapter or organization. Before joining any fraternity it is very important to get an overview of the people who are a part of the fraternity because the fraternity is going to represent you in the future.
  1. Community service: If you are a part of the fraternity then make sure that you know that it is not about the games or fun that you are going to have. You must also be a part of some serious work that is very essential for the community or society. Most of the fraternity will have a common goal of improving the communities that are around them. Every fraternity will involve social life, parties, and some social work. There are many fraternities that are solely based on community service. They will not only enjoy social events but will also participate equally in the philanthropic ones. Various fraternities have been formed for the community service.

  1. Postgrad experiences: If you are a part of a fraternity then it will not end even after your graduation. Whenever you are joining any fraternity you are joining it for your entire life. So the bonding that you will create with all the people of the fraternity will not die after you graduate. Most of the people will always stay in touch with all the members of the fraternity and there will be various social media and websites that will keep them connected. In a various fraternity, you can see that there are several regular alumni or meetings that will discuss the fundraising issue and will also help in other types of projects related to community service. Whether you are graduating a few years from now or tomorrow you will always be a part of the fraternity. Whenever you are joining any fraternity, it will not become hazy even after you graduate. Here’s a list of community service projects that may be part of the fraternity.
  2. Networking:When you are joining any fraternity, it will indicate that you are joining a network of different people who are working in a various career. So all the people of the fraternity are going to grow up and you will always stay connected to them even after splitting the paths or graduating. It will create a network that will help you with various steps of your life. Nobody knows whether your fraternity buddy is going to become the CEO of any Fortune 500 or any future congressmen. If you join any fraternity that has a decent size then you are a part of a large organization that is working in a different field. Moreover, if you start the search for a job, then you will also get the help of several fraternity members who will help you to get started. When you know more people it will help you to make your way smoother and enjoy new opportunities. A network which is similar to a good fraternity is a great career move.
  3. Lasting memories: Whenever you are joining the fraternity you are going to create long-lasting memories which you will never forget for your entire life. Starting from taking the pledge in your college life to post-graduation, there are several highs and lows that you will experience with your fraternity members. All these memories will help you to become a strong person and you will also encounter several strange, funny and happy moment that is going to make the college years like the golden years. All the memories that you will have with your fraternity brother will stay with you forever and you will cherish it as well.
  4. Parties: There are many people who love to join a fraternity because one can enjoy a huge number of parties. So you will always have someplace where you can enjoy quality time with the right people. One thing that one will have to keep in mind is that a person must enjoy the parties of the fraternities along with other functions of the fraternities. One can also invite people of their fraternity to join their party and make it more interesting instead of spending it with unknown people having a dissimilar interest.

  1. Leadership experience: One can get a lot of leadership experiences when they will join the fraternity. There are several personalities who will be the backbone of the group. These people are responsible for the optimal functioning of the fraternity. They are enjoying the leadership experience by monitoring everything properly. Moreover, whenever someone is new to the group they are given the chance of availing the leadership experience by getting elected by the people of the fraternity. As most of the senior members of the fraternity are more concerned about graduating so there is definitely a low chance of them when it comes to dedicating a significant amount of time to the fraternity and this is where the freshman can start their leadership journey. There are no such barriers of class or age when it comes to choosing the leader of the fraternity.

These are the few reasons why people are joining fraternities and how it is helping them to grow in person. Fraternities are seen in every place because it provides people with a comfort zone and one can share a great bonding with people with whom they have a mutual interest about a particular thing.

It is very important to know the reasons why people join fraternities because it will help you to convince other people to join your fraternity or if you are someone who is confused about whether you should join a fraternity or not then it will be a complete insight.

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