How to care for your butt plug collections?

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Butt plugs are your toy if anal fun is just the thing to turn you on. The anus is the house of several nerve endings. When the plug enters your anus it stimulates all those nerve endings to the T, leading you to a mindblowing climax. The coolest part is, a butt plug not only stimulates your anus but also stimulates your clit and G-spot. If you are a man, an anal plug will reward you with a fantastic prostate massage as well. Put simply, your butt plug is a wonder toy and certainly very dear to you. It’s only natural that you would love it to keep it safe and functioning so that you can use it for years to come. And that calls for regular care and maintenance of the butt plug.

Don’t worry, butt plug care is no rocket science nor would it need you to invest in some high-profile cleaner. There are some very basic and simple steps here that you will have to follow religiously. The post below offers a brief on caring for your butt plug.

Regular cleaning is compulsory

Your butt plug care begins with the good habit of regular cleaning. Now, there are two main things to remember here.

One, you will have to wash and clean the toy after it is delivered to your doorstep. Your toy is most likely to retain some kind of smell from manufacturing process and should do away with it before using it. Two, you must clean the toy before and after every use. It’s true that you would be too exhausted to clean the toy again after a mindblowing climax- but, it’s compulsory.

Cleaning tips according to material

Anal plugs are available in porous as well as non-porous materials and you can’t use the same cleaning process with all. But, first you should know which materials are porous and which are non-porous ones.

  • Cleaning porous materials

Porous materials used in butt plugs are cyberskin, hard plastic, rubber, jelly, elastomer, nylon or neoprene. Always check the product label to find out the exact material of the toy. However, if you buy the toy from an online store, you will find the name of the material on toy store product page only.

It’s very easy to clean porous materials. The only thing you will need here is a mix of warm water and soap. Don’t use any kind of antibacterial soap here. A regular mild dishwasher will do. Just remember, you should not ever boil your porous toys.

  • Cleaning non-porous materials

Non-porous materials used in butt plug are silicone, stainless steel and glass. The cleaning tip is same here as above. But, since most of the non-porous materials like glass or steel are heat-resistant, you can even boil them in water to sterilize them. But, don’t boil them for more than ten minutes.

Do not use any sort of abrasive cleaning materials on your anal plugs. Stay away from cleaning agents that contain alcohol. To be on the safest side, it’s better to use adult toy cleaners that are essentially made for cleaning adult toys like butt plugs.

Cleaning plugs with tails

Does your butt plug come with a tail as well? Well, if you got quite an envious collection my dear.

Don’t ignore the tail part while cleaning the toy. Just as you would clean the plug before and after use, you would have to do the same with the tail as well. But, you should not ever submerge or boil the tail in water. It would only add unwanted weight to the tail that might damage the tail altogether. And boiling the tail is a strict “no”. Treat it the way you treat your hair. Would you ever put your hair in boiling water? Surely not. The same rings true with the tail of your butt plug.

So, how would you clean the tail of your plug? The best thing here is to clean it with warm soapy water. If you have got lube or some icky stuff stuck on parts of the tail, proceed with a spot cleaning first. Once you have cleaned the parts, use another clean cloth, dip it in soapy water and wipe the entire tail with it.

Dry the plug

This is one of the most important tips to remember when it comes to taking care of your butt plug. Your task does not end with just cleaning the plug. You have to dry up the toy thoroughly before you put it back inside your closet.

Drying a butt plug is very easy. You would simply have to air-dry the plug. Don’t put it inside the dryer of your washing machine though. Just lay it flat under the fan and dry it. You can also keep it on your window sill and let natural breeze to dry it. But, do not ever keep the toy under bright sun. Also, you should not use your hair dryer on it. The point is , try to keep the toy away from heat as much as possible. This is especially important if you have a butt plug with real animal fur tail. Some people prefer to hang the toy while drying it. You can do that as well. But if the toy features a tail, do not hang it by its tip. In short, it would be better, safer and simpler if you can just dry it under normal ceiling fan.

Be careful of storage

You have to be as careful about storage as much you have to be about washing, cleaning and drying the toy. The basic tip here is to store the toy in a cool and dry place. Make sure there is no risk of moisture where you will store the toy as otherwise you will only end up with harmful mold and mildew on the toy. Experts have also suggested using a separate clean bag for your butt. Don’t mix it with other sex toys or your clothes in the closet.

We hope that you find these tips very useful and can help you enjoy your butt plugs longer. Loveplugs also shares useful articles about butt plugs, aside from offering top=shelf product, so make sure to check them out.

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